Classification of PCB board machines

Time:2019-06-11 21:32:42

Classification of PCB board machines

    In the modern production trend, many equipments are produced along with the market demand and the market demand. For example, the sub-board machine has completely replaced the manual mode of the old era, fully automated operation, making production easier and more convenient, the board is easier, and the safety performance is also guaranteed. Then, each product, in order to produce different needs, has evolved and has a small branch as a different application in different occasions. In the splitter, there is a very common PCB splitter, and there are many branches in the PCB splitter. details as follows:

1. PCB curve boarding machine in PCB boarding machine: It can be divided into PCB curve curve boarding machine in PCB boarding machine and PCB vertical curve boarding board in PCB boarding machine. machine

2. The knife-type splitting machine in the PCB splitting machine: in the knife-type splitting machine, it can be further divided into: manual walking type dividing machine, electric walking type dividing machine

3. PCB splitter in the board splitter: in the walker type splitter can be divided into boring type splitter, infinite long splitter, double round knife splitter.

It is not difficult to imagine that the classification in the PCB sorting machine is only meticulous, and the production of equipment in our market has been moving towards refinement! The society is constantly improving, and the quality of human life will continue to improve!