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KE-700 online board machine

category:Sub-board machine series
release time:2019-06-12 12:39:27
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Today, with the development of Hyundai Industry 4.0, electronic products put forward higher requirements for automated manufacturing. KE-700 fully automatic online PCB sub-board machine is an automation equipment that should be produced by automated production and unmanned factories. The KE-700 sub-board machine is a high-performance, high-precision, high-efficiency sub-board device with automatic recognition of image target (mark mark) alignment, movement track position display tracking, automatic milling cutter segment cutting function, production yield Statistics and other parameters can be set. Negative pressure follow-up dust removal technology, two-stage dust filter dust collector and static eliminator to cleanly solve the problem of cutting dust. Automatic feeding and discharging can effectively improve production quality and save labor costs.


Mark positioning correction system

The wire changer and the replacement jig can be made more compact and precise, and can effectively prevent the in-line production of the middle plate from being placed in place to produce a cut product.


Broken knife and knife detection

During processing, it is possible to set whether each step of the test or each PCBA test tool is broken or slipped to prevent PCBA damage due to tool slippage.


Program editing

The software can do matrix, copy, translation rotation, multi-point modification, multi-point deletion, and has fast shape programming such as points, lines, arcs, circles, curves, squares, etc., which can effectively improve the programming speed of irregular shapes and save programming. time. Read and save or upload for easy tracking and digital management.


Follow-up dust removal

High-negative pressure dust-removing motor is used, the noise is below 70 decibels, and the electrostatic chucking brush is controlled by the follow-up technology. The milling cutter can be moved at the same speed to maintain the optimal suction position in time, and the cutting dust can be collected efficiently. Read and save or upload for easy tracking and digital management


Tool magazine management

The tool life display in production and automatic segment cutting according to the tool set distance extend the tool life. The automatic tool change function is realized according to the set cutting length of the tool.


Board mode

For the rear plug-in line, according to the production line requirements, the automatic carrier plate machine can be docked to realize the production line automation, reduce personnel contact with products, improve product quality and save manpower. According to the production line requirements, the board can be docked with the automatic Tray board machine, and the cut products can be placed directly into the tray to complete the shipping requirements.