Suzhou Kaisitetek Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Jiangsu Hongkai Group, which specializes in the development, production and sales of automation equipment. It has many years of development, production experience and strong technical force and production capacity. With long-term commitment to automation control and programming of technical staff and sales team, the development ......

Own factory / high quality and low price

>>Tailored to your needs, tailored to your needs

>>Directly face the customer, remove the intermediate links, and benefit the customers

>>Free on-site measurement of the venue and design

Professional/focused team

>>Expert team provides professional solutions

>>12 hours of rapid supply of product solutions

>>Tailor-made products for you, spend less

24-hour service

>>Professional and caring after-sales service team

>>Small problem, call the video at any time, teach you how to operate

>>The door-to-door service within 24 hours that the phone can't solve it

Strong production and supply capacity

>>Efficient production, timely delivery of orders

>>Sufficient inventory, one hundred and a half / fully automatic equipment stock

>>The equipment is exported to foreign countries, and all equipment delivery is guaranteed.